Cancellation Island is a hilarious, hyperbolic journey through a rehab for the cancelled – the egregious, the blameless and those in between. Led by a wellness hack turned guru named “Karen” and her specially curated staff of Gen Z’ers (“What they lack in life experience, they make up for in certainty”) – the canceled attendees are put through their paces so they can crawl back into society’s good graces. But therapies including “Harass the Harasser,” “Bad Touch Football,” and “Anti-Racism Spin Class” (“We never seem to get anywhere!”), and mandatory ayahuasca ceremonies start to go awry. Then people start to disappear. Are they escaping the island, or are they being picked off by a mysterious player? And what does K-Anon, the new conspiracy theory about the lizard people among us, have to do with it all?